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DCA Second Annual Reading Fair

This year Dallas Christian Academy will be holding our first annual Reading Fair on November 15. We are excited to share our love of reading and anxious to see what wonderful projects our students create.

Students in grades Pre-K to first grade can choose to do a "family" project on a fiction book. Students in second through twelfth grade should choose to do their project on either a fiction or non-fiction, age and content appropriate book. Selections should be turned in to the following website, or a teacher, by October. 



Reading Fair Guidelines and the Reading Fair Checklist can be downloaded below.


Remember, the Reading Fair Checklist is due Thursday, November 10. Students are to bring in their Reading Fair Projects November 15, by 8AM.


Classes are working on creating examples that can be found on the bulletin boards in the elementary side of the school. Sample boards can also be viewed by clicking on an image  in the gallery below.



Happy Reading!!

Reading Fair 15
Reading Fair 13
Reading Fair 11
Reading Fair 10
Reading Fair 8
Reading Fair 7
Reading Fair 6
Reading Fair 5
Reading Fair 4
Reading Fair 3
Reading Fair 2
Reading Fair 1
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