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"Developing Strong Minds
for Christ's Service"

The purpose of Dallas Christian Academy is to provide quality Seventh-day Adventist education for the children and youth of the Dallas area. This includes providing a wholesome educational environment where caring Christian adults, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, use their administrative and teaching abilities to develop the physical, mental, spiritual, and social qualities of each student. DCA seeks to provide a strong academic program that is undergirded by a vital faith in God.


The school is committed to achieving this goal through well-disciplined classes that emphasize the development of habits, skills, and attitudes that will prepare our students to assume a positive role in society. Ultimately DCA’s goal is to help each student establish a personal friendship and faith relationship with our Creator and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Our Philosophy

  • Safety: Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual safety for all students

  • Respect: Respect for one’s self and others.

  • Academics: Commitment to high standards

  • Leadership: Personal commitment to growth and development of Christian spiritual disciplines as demonstrated through service to students, families, and community


Our History

For more than sixty years, Dallas Christian Academy’s unique urban location, in the heart of Uptown Dallas, has provided a rich cultural atmosphere to supplement the school’s curriculum.


DCA provides the benefits of an intimate learning environment and a focus on educating and developing the whole person. Young people are encouraged to excel academically and develop healthy bodies and thriving spiritual lives. 

Lower School

The staff of Dallas Christian Academy believes a positive lower grade experience is essential to students’ long-term growth and scholastic success. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on character development and the creation of strong academic habits. Teachers work with parents to systematically lay the foundation for future academic growth.

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Upper School

The DCA experience challenges students to reach their full intellectual, spiritual, creative, and physical potential. As students mature they are encouraged to assume increasing responsibility for shaping their own educational experiences. Teachers emphasize  higher order thinking skills, and guide students toward the adoption of a logical and biblically based approach to decision making and problem solving. 

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